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07/01/2012 – Sound Enterprises acquired by Comprehensive Technical Group more...

02/07/2012 – AOTC Easy File to implement 3CX phone system for new Call Center more...

01/24/2012 – AnyTrax deploys Disaster Recovery environment in Sound Enterprises Virtual Data Center more...

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Custom Hosting "Cloud"

If you can dream it, we can build it!

Sound Enterprises' Custom Hosting Solutions removes the cost of equipment purchase and software licensing from your project budget. Our Enterprise Architects have built and optimized systems infrastructure that provides service to millions of users for companies like:

  • Albertsons
  • Macy's
  • Chick-fil-A
  • AdTran
  • Global Payments

Our mission is to leverage that experience to deliver highly available and scalable Custom Hosting solutions for small business and Make IT work for Businesses.

Microsoft Exchange ®

Struggling to comply with arcane Microsoft Licensing requirements?

Trying to deploy UCC certificates and solve the mysteries of auto-discovery?

Trust your Microsoft Gold Partner Sound Enterprises!

Sound Enterprises will deploy a managed Exchange solution for less than what you currently pay per mailbox with your in-house IT staff. You can rest easy that your managed service is deployed properly, backed-up securely and supported by a staff of engineers professionally trained and certified in the operation of this complex, but essential collaboration technology.

We provide managed exchange for as little as $7 per mailbox! Contact us today to find out how much you could save!

Microsoft Sharepoint ®

How would having secure access to your business information transform your organization?

Sound Enterprises can customize a Sharepoint site for:

  • Storing Documents online
  • Browser based content administration
  • Hosted SharePoint templates
  • Create Documents Online
  • Shared Calendars
  • Task Management
  • Blogs
  • Contact Lists
  • Announcements
  • RSS feeds

With a hosted SharePoint web site, employees are able to harness the robust power of Windows Sharepoint Services to share files, run blogs and wikis, and distribute information across your organization.

See a demonstration of the transformational power that Sharepoint can have on your business from Sound Enterprises, your Microsoft Gold partner!

Advanced Hosting Abilities

Server Clustering

Sound Enterprises can cluster your Apache, Tomcat, IIS or other application servers to build a robust presentation layer. Alternatively, Sound Enterprises can optimize your Oracle, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases to optimize performance and even deploy technologies such as Oracle RAC and Veritas Cluster Server to accomplish scalability and high-availability at the transactional layer of your solution.


With names like Dell, HP, F5, Cisco, and VMware, Sound Enterprises has invested in best of breed partners for each element of its N+1 modular infrastructure for every pod. By choosing to use industry standard hardware provided by companies with staying power, Sound Enterprises has ensured that each customer solution is built to last and that support will always be available for every element of the infrastructure.

Flexible Solutions for Variable-Term, High-Performance Solutions

Sound Enterprises' complex hosting is designed for clients requiring custom hosting solutions outside of normal standard managed hosting packages. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge and years of experience developing enterprise portal infrastructure, our Custom Hosting team is able to design and integrate a wide range of HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions to meet any hosting requirement.

We specialize design Enterprise Architecture to support for HA (High Availability and HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions with variable terms. Whether a one-month or a three year term, if you can dream it, we can build it.

Application Tuning

A Sound Enterprises trained professional will analyze your application's performance, then tune the underlying platform to optimize responsiveness. The resultant performance increase can range anywhere from 20%-100% depending on the application and underlying platform elements.

Load Balancing

Sound Enterprises provides hardware-accelerated load-balancing solutions from Cisco for high-availability solutions capable of handling up to 1gpbs of traffic at wire speed per pod.


Sound Enterprises proactively monitors and stores data gathered from all facets of each pod in the data center using OpenNMS. From platform elements as simple as CPU usage all the way up to custom scripts designed to mimic end-user traffic and simulate database operations, Sound Enterprises is constantly monitoring the environment to ensure your solution always operates at peak efficiency.

High Availability (HA)

With Sound Enterprises' N+1 architecture, infrastructure downtime is a thing of the past. At Sound Enterprises, we take downtime seriously. The only question is how you plan to manage your application for maximum availability - we can help you map out the best strategy, and reach your availability goals.


Sound Enterprises is capable of constructing nearly any storage backend a customer might require from dedicated Fibre Channel SAN storage to HP or Equallogic iSCSI storage solutions. Sound Enterprises can assist customers requiring standard or non-standard robust back ends.