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07/01/2012 – Sound Enterprises acquired by Comprehensive Technical Group more...

03/05/2012 – Benchmark Brands taps Sound Enterprises for Comprehensive Gap Analysis more...

02/10/2012 – Engle, Martin & Associates hires Sound Enterprises to perform Vulnerability Assessment more...

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Metametrix engages Sound Enterprises for Database optimization

Sound Enterprises will be working with Metametrix to optimize database operation as well their underlying Enterprise Architecture.

Located in Norcross, GA, Metametrix focuses improving health worldwide by providing clinical laboratory services in the area of nutrients, toxicants, hormonal balance, biotransformation and detoxification, gastrointestinal function, and the microbiome. Physicians use Metametrix solutions to custom tailor nutritional therapies, detoxification programs, and other lifestyle changes for the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of complex chronic disease.

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