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07/01/2012 – Sound Enterprises acquired by Comprehensive Technical Group more...

03/05/2012 – Benchmark Brands taps Sound Enterprises for Comprehensive Gap Analysis more...

02/10/2012 – Engle, Martin & Associates hires Sound Enterprises to perform Vulnerability Assessment more...

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SE launches BETA version of video distribution platform

Sound Enterprises launched the BETA version of a video distribution platform. This will allow clients to upload video files to their own websites without utilizing a tool such as YouTube.

"YouTube is obviously a great platform. However, some clients do not want the branding and other aspects that go along with embedding YouTube videos", states Greg Faulkner, VP of Development for SE.

This platform will allow for the uploading of extremely large video files and encode them properly so that they are HTML5 ready and therefore do not need a flash plug-in or anything similar to view them.

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