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Sound Enterprises launches new Content Management tool

Sound Enterprises (SE) announces the launch of a new tool to be used by its' clients. This tool will allow the site owner to manage all aspects of their site's content.

Greg Faulkner, VP of Development, says "This is actually a set of tools. We are excited to launch this set of tools because it allows us to give the small business owner a top notch site while keeping within their tight budget."

"Everyone wants to manage their site themselves", states Faulkner, 'but the typical Content Management Systems on the market today are built so generically that they are either cumbersome to use, force you into a cookie-cutter template or are difficult to customize if you want to do anything different. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a site and without even investigating I say "Yep, that's a WordPress site". We felt like our customers deserved something better."

The new toolkit allows SE to come up with a unique and sophisticated design but still allows the customer the ability to manage the content. Since SE is in control of all aspects of the code, it is very easy to customize for any unique feature that the client may come up with. SE also has developed a set of modules that can easily plug into a site. These modules allow the management of typical items that a site might have such as News, Press Releases, Testimonials, etc. Each of these can be customized and extended if necessary.

Additionally, SE has built tools that allow for easy integration of Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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